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Education includes:

Education in the Museum is intended for all ages and levels of study, as well as for foreign visitors to the Museum who would like to learn more about contemporary art of Vojvodina, the history of the Museum, or the building containing the exhibition rooms.

It is implemented in the form of free expert guide tours for individuals and groups through exhibitions, in Serbian and the English language, multimedia workshops in which one takes part through competitions or by invitation, in cooperation with elementary, vocational schools and colleges, as well as through publications, debates, panel discussions, seminars, presentations and conversations with artists.

The Museum attempts to organize workshops for pupils or students with each thematic and problem-solving exhibition, in collaboration with the curators, held by artists-lecturers specialized in the field of video, digital animation, photography, architectural design and construction, painting, sculpture and drawing.

The Museum has organized seminars on cultural management, techno-ecological art and contemporary musicin cooperation with other institutions and non-governmental organizations.

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