March 2017. at 8 p.m.

OPEN CALL: For participation in research for EU project RISK CHANGE

Deadline: March 30th, 2017.

Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, within EU project Risk Change, conducts research in cooperation with team of researchers. Through this research, which will take place through the filling of the questionnaire and video interviews, we will deal with a broad spectrum of migration, and we’ll try to answer the questions:

Who are the people who are coming to Serbia and what are their reasons?

Who are the people who are leaving Serbia and what are their reasons?

OPEN CALL For participation in research for EU project RISK CHANGE

Within this research we invite all those who for any reason moved / migrated to Serbia, from 1940’s until today, as well as those who spent particular part of their life or working experience outside of Serbia, in which they eventually returned or continue their lives in the new environments. We are inviting all interested individuals to participate by filling the questionnairies in collaborations with researchers who will be collecting different expectations and results of all them who had the experience of migrations. The research will be held douring the period March-April 2017. Participants will be additionaly informed about the course of the research.

We are kindly asking everyone interested to send via e-mail this informations:

  • name
  • surname
  • age
  • sex
  • profession
  • place of origin
  • year of coming to Serbia / year of leaving Serbia
  • reason for coming to Serbia / reasons for leaving Serbia
  • status (citizenship or temporary/permanent stay)
  • contact: e-mail and mobile phone
After the collected data, selection of candidates will be made according to the mentioned socio-demographic characteristics and variables of candidates. Individuals who will not be selected for the participation in the research, we’ll try to include in various other formats of participation in the project – workshops, lectures, touring guides, etc.


Risk Change OPEN CALL

Everyone interested in this open call should apply until March 30th, 2017, on e-mail: Confidentiality of all data from the questionnaires was guaranteed. They will be used exclusively for research in the framework of this project, and not for public presentation.