Danijel Babić / Works 2002-2017.

May 26 – July 1, 2017

Danijel Babić Works 2002-2017.

May 26 – July 1, 2017

Trajanje: 26. maj – 1. jul 2017.

Curator: Vladimir Mitrović

MSUV large gallery will host the exhibition of Babić's paintings, billboards presented as large format paintings, prints and scetches for murals, drawings, posters and catalogs of individual exhibitions, as well as book covers, publications and journals featuring his works. The exhibition will present the opportunity for the public to get acquainted with recent works and creative activity of one of the most active protagonists of Novi Sad painting scene, who, with his quality and dynamics shows an original example of the return of the figurative painting in the contemporary Serbian art. After some sixty-odd individual exhibitions in various gallery and other spaces, this event will feature Babić's works from the last decade and his newest large format paintings originated exclusively for this occasion. For the duration of the exhibition, MSUV will organize expert guided exhibition tours on occasion accompanied by the main curator and the artist himeself. Every 50th visitor will receive a signed catalog, and every 100th an original serigraphy by Danijel Babić..




Bosko Sevo Typographic / Visual Reflections

9. - 29. June 2017.

Bosko Sevo Typographic

Opening: 9. June 2017.

Curator: Vladimir Mitrovic

The exhibition of graphic designer BoskoSevo, who was a long-term Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Novi Sad, shows his complete graphic works: from the early seventies, during his years at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, up to his retirement from the Novi Sad Academy of Fine Arts. For many decades BoskoSevo was considered one of the most famous and acclaimed national graphic designers who was active for over four decades in a broad field of graphic communications and applied graphics – from signs lettering (alphabets, pictograms, logos), to the design of books, catalogues, calenders, posters, etc. His exhibition will be accompanied with a comprehensive monograph of his graphic projects.

The exhibition will showcase Sevo’s graphic design and graphic communication works set out in four distinct units – Lettering, Numbers, Logos and Sayings. The exhibition bears all the neccessary design, artistic and educational elements- aimed not only at professional graphic designers and art and design students, but the broad general public as well, presented with this unique opportunity to view in one place, in an almost perfect gallery, some of the most exceptional national design creations of the last half century.



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