Paris-Novi Sad / Galerie du Centre: 40 Years of Passion (1976-2016)

27th April 2017 – 27th May 2017

Paris – Novi Sad  Galerie Du Centre

Opening: Thursday, 27th April 2017

Coordinator MSUV: Radovan Jokić

International exhibition Paris-Novi Sad / Galerie du Centre: 40 Years of Passion (1976-2016) represents a beginning of collaboration between Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina and a well-known Parisian gallery Gallerie du Centre, founded in 1973. The exhibition will primarily show art scene from France, Great Britain, USA, and Poland, represented by Alain Matarasso, and dealing with narrative figuration and pop art.

The exhibiton held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad presents important events of Galerie du Centre and leads us through an adventure that has lasted for over 40 years, through vivid and rich French art scene.
Artists exhibiting at the Museum of Modern Art Vojvodina are: Bernard Ascal (France), Daniel Authouart (France), Derek Boshier (Great Britain), Aurélie de la Cadiere (France), Compiano (France), Antony Donaldson (Great Britain), Grataloup (France), Guyomard (France), Jann Haworth (Velika Britanija), Kriki (France), Morteyrol (France), Objectal (France), Emanuel Proweller (Poland/France), Peter Saul (USA), Fernand Teyssier (France), Michel Tyszblat (France).




Grayson Perry - Vanity of Small Differences

7 April - 20 May, 2017.

Grayson Perry - Vanity of Small Differences

Opening: Friday | 7 April, 2017 | 7 p.m.
Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, gallery N

British Council, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina and KPMG are pleased to announce the exhibition of British artist Grayson Perry ’’Vanity of Small Differences’’ which will be held from 7th April to 20th May. Novi Sad, being the European Capital of Culture 2021, is the first of the five western Balkans cities where the British Council is going to present this exhibition till the end of this year.

Following the huge success of the ’’New Religion’’ by Damien Hirst, this exhibition is the way in which British Council continues its cooperation with the museums in this region in order to present the best of the British contemporary art and to improve the museum practices and invigorate the exchange of experiences of the UK and our experts through the work on preparation and realisation of the project.




RISK CHANGE, International
project, Creative Europe
| Culture Sub-programme

2016 - 2020.

RISK CHANGE, International project, Creative Europe | Culture Sub-programme (2014-2020), MSUV, Novi Sad - МСУВ, Нови Сад


48 months - 10 project partners - 26 associated partners

Partners: ACE KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia (lead ); ACAX/League of Independent Art Spaces, Budapest, Hungary; RIXC, Riga, Latvia; MMSU, Rijeka, Croatia; MSUV, Novi Sad, Serbia; ZINC, Marseille, France; 7scenes, Amsterdam, Nederland; FOPSIM, Zejtun, Malta; Department of Philosophy and History of Science, School of Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

Risk Change is project aiming to research social-political pressures caused by the population movements, changes of the residences, migration, exile, etc, through interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches. The focus will be on medial and postmedial media artistic practices, that link global social problems with art and science.

The project aims to produce specific outputs: Art Residencies, New/Innovative models, conferences, symposimus, workshops, open labs, exhibitions, study visits, web platform, mobile application, new cultural networks, publication, new cultural networks, etc.



Past Program