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20/7–20/8/2018. │S



Exhibition opening: Friday, July 20, 2018 at 8:00pm

Curators: Ješa Denegri, Danijela Halda

Assistant: Selena Junačkov

Through his fully active years, starting with his first public appearance in 1979 at the exhibition of young artists "Perspectives," then his first individual exhibit in 1982 at the Gallery of Graphic Collective, followed by exhibitions at the Gallery of the Cultural Center (1991), Zepter Gallery (1995), ULUS Gallery (2001), Pavillion at the Niš Fortress (2001), Belgrade Sales Gallery (2010), but also due to numerous awards he had received for his artistic performance, Dušan Junačkov had had a profound presence at the Serbian and Belgrade art scene for over three decades. But it is now, after his passing, that we are given the opportunity and task of a more detailed and appropriate analysis of the place, meaning, and significance of his unique body of work.



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