Zoltán Perovics | Arthopedlandia
Art against Art against Anti-Art

July 25 - August 11

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Zoltán Perovics | Arthopedlandia – Art against Art against Anti-Art


Zoltán Perovics | Arthopedlandia – Art against Art against Anti-Art

Duration: July 25 - August 11

Start: Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 8 PM

The Arthopedlandia exhibition, created by Zoltán Perovics, showcases the complete collection of the meditation objects and mechanic installations, as well as the photo documentation prepared for the performances of the Metanoia Arthopaedics Theater, founded in 1990.

The exhibition is opened by Zoltán Danyi, writer.

„Pero’s (Zoltán Perovics) theatre is the theatre of order, where the objects and the lights and the texts and the actors respond to one another, like a good old Swiss timepiece. This man is possessed by the theatre. This man has visions, and this man catches his visions with a butterfly-net and casts them into iron, into light, 220 volts and levers, in order to return them to the world of spirits. He is possessed. He is of the caste of Van Gogh and Artaud.”

Péter Halász


„Frankly, the thing at issue here is the intensity of the creative human being’s ability ‘to be with him/herself’, without any particular effort. From a certain point of view, this question is rather ironic and, indeed, an evil question, I admit. The importance of the question is immediately comprehended by those who are affected by it, and it says nothing to those who are outside the circle of the ones affected. Now, as for this ‘figure’ called Pero, whose spirit and activity made me speak the above words, and whose works, theatrical creatures we've come to look at in this exhibition hall, as far as this figure Pero is concerned, I can safely posit that, at any moment in his life, without any extra effort, ‘he is always with himself’. This is an almost unique performance. (…) Now let me say a few words about these strange objects around us, about these unique mementos of Pero’s theatrical activity.”

András Jeles


Zoltán Perovics presented his productions and installation objects in the following cities, among others: Berlin, Amsterdam, Giessen, Dresden, Potsdam, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Belgrade, Subotica, Zrenjanin, Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice, Prague, Somora, Nová Paka, Brno, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Paris.

Arthopedlandia is a combination of the words art, orthopedic, and land – it also refers to the miserable, active, freely expanding realm of imagination. Art: art. Orthopedics: a medical field dealing with abnormalities and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, such as scoliosis, club foot, hip dislocation, etc. Land: land, inland, countryside, landing, shore, public area, road, lane, landscape, soil, country, etc. Land art emphasizes the importance of the earth as the home of humankind. Metanoia has different meanings depending on the context: it is a twist of meaning or thought, a change of mindset, an inversion, rebirth, and so on. Arthopedlandia works as an antidote to all the crimes humankind committed against living nature and its living beings, and its collection activates the various pieces of junk from the experiments of Metanoia Arthopaedics which are decomposing into eternity. Art against Art against Anti-Art.





Zoltán Perovics



Artoped Paradoxon - feljegyzesek a jovorol  Artoped Paradokson – zapisi o budućnosti  Arthopedic Paradox - notes on the future, 2017
Elokeszuletek. Deszkak, pallok...  Pripreme. Daske, talpe…  Preparations. Planks, boards…, 2007
Koszonom, jol! – van benne valami nyugtalanito  Hvala, dobro! – ima u tome nečeg uznemirujućeg  Thanks well! – there is something discomforting in it, 2012
Oregek otthona  Dom staraca  Home for the Elderly, 1996
Tulment (harminc meter)  Prekoračio je (trideset metara)  Went Beyond ( Thirty Meters), 2000
Vedett allatok – extazis objektum  Zaštićene životinje – objekat ekstaze  Endangered Animals – Ecstasy Object, 1997 (2)
Vedett allatok – extazis objektum  Zaštićene životinje – objekat ekstaze  Endangered Animals – Ecstasy Object, 1997

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