The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina since 1966.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina maintainsa museological-researchapproach to the preservation, exhibition and presentationof works of contemporary art of the second half of the 20th and the 21st century, linking the local with the international art scene.

Art collections of paintings, sculptures, objects and installations, prints and drawings, conceptual art, film, video and photography, intermedia and digital works, architecture, urban planning and design from the late 20th and the early 21st century in Vojvodina, Serbia, as well as the works of foreign artists and art groups can all be found in the Museum’s collection. In addition to this, the Museum collects, systematizes and preserves arichlibrary and documentary-archival material on all the protagonists and phenomena relevant for the history of art in Vojvodina.

About the museum

MSUV aims towards a systematic study and revaluation of the history of art of the late 20th and the 21stcentury in Vojvodina, Serbia and the region, through numerousstudy, problem-solving, retrospective and monographic projects, which promote important historical artistic phenomena and personalities through new approaches and methods, while simultaneously continuously working on educating the public.
MSUV also establishes contacts and cooperates with many institutions in Serbia, the region of former Yugoslavia, and the wider international art scene. MSUV is an active part of its environment and the contemporary socio-cultural community providing guidance and encouraging the development of current artistic practices. It focuses on research, curating, producing and promotion of artistic works and phenomena present primarily within the local art scene, as well as the regional and international one, with the aim of their validation and mutual networking.

History of the museum

The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina was founded as the Gallery of Contemporary Fine Art – Novi Sad by the decision of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina on 1 February 1966. The name of the institution was changed several times in order to complement the changes in the nature of the institution’s operations. It was first renamedthe Museum of Contemporary Fine Art (3 June, 1996), then the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad (24 March 2006), and received its final name – Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina (13 January 2012) i.e. MoCAV (MSUV). The most important consequences of these changes are that the activities of the former gallery expanded to museological activities and the scope of work shifted from fine art into several fields of contemporary art theory and practice, in line with current processes present in art and society.

Although it had been founded in 1966, due to lack of venue resources, the Museum started with its exhibition and publishing activities in 1969, with the occasional use of space of other public institutions in Novi Sad (The Gallery of Matica srpska,Radnički (Workers’) University, Youth Tribune, Yugoslav National Army House).



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