September 2021.

Kino Room: The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina

Duration: Tuesday, September 7th 2021, 8.00 – 10.00PM

The Centre for Intermedia and Digital Art of the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, during the opening of the central exhibition of the Danube Dialogues Festival, SOCIETY AND ART IN A FORCED REALITY, which is part of the Novi Sad Garden of Ars Electronica festival, organizes a POP-UP video presentation of the Slovenian art duo PLATEAU RESIDUE, consisting of Eva Pavlič Seifert and Aljaž Celarc. The presentation will be shown at the Kino Room of MSUV, followed by music created for the project by Domen Učakar under the creative name LIFECUTTER.

PLATEAURESIDUE. SUB PERSONA © All rights belong to the artist.

Sub Persona is a project that explores the importance and ethics of human forest management. It emphasizes the shared responsibility of all people to use modern methods to examine the intertwining of forest ecosystems and to develop sustainable management methods that take into account the simultaneous ecosystem, economic, recreational, and cultural functions of the forest that people too often take for granted. This project encourages reflection on human attitudes towards the environment and its changes in the contemporary world through sensory perception.

The event is realized in cooperation with MMC KIBLA from Maribor and the contemporary art festival Danube Dialogues.

P L A T E AU R E S I D U E is an imaginary identity of the artistic duo Aljaž Celarc (graduate geographer [Faculty of Arts] and master of photography [AKV St. Joost, NL]) and Eva Pavlič Seifert (graduate art historian [Faculty of Arts] and MA in Visual Culture [Aalto University, FI]). Their works deal with landscape ecology and new media and are looking for new ways to raise public awareness. The starting point of their artistic production is video installations. In their video works, they apply voice to project participants and collaborators, natural forms such as rocks, air, organisms, and other sets of substances, which they reorganize into new material forms and new media systems. They presented their works in most major art institutions in Slovenia. For their work in 2019, they received the Tesla Award of the Museum of Transitional Arts MoTA and participated in exhibitions abroad. Eva and Aljaž have been living and working in Novi Kot since 2019, in the hinterland of the forests of Gorski Kotar and Snežnik, where they designed the Hiša Mandrova/Mandrova House project in 2020. They are dedicated to creating, regenerative self-sufficiency, manual woodworking, and reviving the area’s building heritage in question.

Lifecutter: Sub Persona