Monika Moteska and Robert Jankuloski 






12th April, 2018 at 07:00PM

Gallery S: The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina

Duration: 12th April – 6th May 2018.

Curators: Sanja Kojić Mladenov

The setting of the exhibition functions through interrelations of two artistic concepts which, regardless of the particularities and specificities of personal discourses, occasionally touch and intertwine. Monika Moteska with her installation BREATHING UNDER explores the process of archiving and attitudes towards memory through the ontological need of people for the work and safekeeping (preservation) of their results for eternity.

Her installation is composed of two parts in which she examines the idea of “still life” in art, using its historical iconographic symbols: flowers, birds and fish. The classic treatment of this topic is the beginning of the process of contemplation, which the author further develops through the allegorical shift from the basic iconography, opening up the possibilities for new meanings and readings.

Monika Moteska and Robert Jankuloski  – Simulations

In the conceptual work INSTANT FAMILIES_MULTIPLICATION OF LOVE, Robert Jankuloski explores the current social context of Skopje, the city in which he lives and works, and which is a cultural example but, at the same time a victim of the consequence of the transition process initiated by the disintegration of Yugoslavia and formation of independent communities / states, with problematic status issue and identity position.

Through contemporary art photography, Robert Jankuloski records the scenery of the Skopje public space in which certain objects and buildings look like models, computer-inserted into the composition, with false, temporary façades and sculptures.

Also, he has used the manipulative possibilities of the new technologies in photography as well as the method of staging, placing people (false families) into an undue environment, so as to re-examine the relationship of the false and the real, and their crossing and overlapping.

Simulacije PRESS

The exhibition ’’Simulations’’, through two different approaches, deals with the analysis of the relation between the true and the false, the credible and the manipulative in art and in social reality, linking them to the issues of the position of man and family in them.


Monika Moteska, born in Prilep, Macedonia (1971). She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts –Department of Painting in Skopje (1996). She develops her artistic concept through various media: painting, photography, video and installation. She is also involved in designing of exhibitions and accompanying promotional materials in the field of old photography (photographic heritage).

She has exhibited at many solo and group exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad: Serbia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Hungary, USA, Japan, etc.

Her works are in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, the National Gallery of Macedonia and private collections.

Robert Jankuloski, born in Prilep, Macedonia (1969). He graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts – Department of Camera, in Skopje (1996) (BA), and at the University of Audio-Visual Arts “ESRA Paris-Skopje-New York”, Skopje, he finished his Master (MA) at Camera Department (2011). He is the founder of the Macedonian Centre for Photography. He currently works as a professor at the University of Audio-visual Arts – “ESRA Paris-Skopje-New York” in Skopje.

He had solo exhibitions in Skopje, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Pančevo, Podgorica as well as in New York, Brussels, Budapest, Vienna, Istanbul, Plovdiv, Strasbourg and many other places. Some of the exhibitions where he presented his work are: ’’Instant Families Multiplication of Love’’, the Centre of Contemporary Art of Montenegro, Podgorica (2017), ’’Consequence, Changing Cultural Landscape’’, the Gallery Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb (2013), Pordenone (Italy),, the National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana (2012), ’’Tension Field’’, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad (2012), Ljubljana, Graz (2010), ), “Photography in Focus” (Photographs from the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, MCA, Skopje, 2011), Photonic Moments 2006, Foton Gallery Ljubljana (2006), Context Europe (Impulse from the Balkans), ’’12 Silver Soldiers’’, Lyon (2001), Crossings – 10th Biennial of Visual Arts, the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pančevo (2002), ’Freedom and Violence’’, the National Museum, Warsaw (2001), ’’Artist and Refugees’’, the City Gallery, Sofia (1999), ’’Stop Violence’’, the Academy of Fine Arts and MAK (the Museum of Applied Arts), Vienna (1998). He has received several awards at home and abroad.

The exhibition is realized within the scope of the international project RISK CHANGE, supported by the European Union’s Creative Europe Programme.