may 2016. at 8 p.m.

Authors and Curators: mr Suzana Vuksanović, MA, MSUV consultant and Čedomir Janičić, Senior Curator at the Sombor City Museum

Duration: May 27 ‒ June 21, 2016.

This retrospective exhibition, as well as the accompanying monograph catalogue, explores the historization, a kind of musealization of art, artwork, and activity of Dragan Rakić, his research, and activism.

Through analysis of four problem-oriented wholes, with the biography and bibliography of the artist, this exhibition will also include a chronological presentation of artist’s work and activity – as one of the most significant representatives of new sculpture in Vojvodina; as member of the Association Apsolutno (Absolute); as member of VacuumPack Workshop production; and, finally, through his teaching work at the Novi Sad Academy of Arts.

Dragan Rakić: JEDAN – ONE- UNO – EIN © All rights belong to the artist.

For the duration of the exhibition, expert tours and following programs will be organized: ADR installation by Zoran Pantelić and Rastislav Škulec, as well as THE SPACE OF DIGITAL IMAGE, selection of works by the students from the Novi Sad Academy of Arts and those awarded the “Dragan Rakić” award, organized by the Novi Sad Academy of Arts, Department of Fine Arts – professor Bosiljka Zirojević Lečić and associate professor Goran Despotovski.

“In Rakić, we note the permanent non-aggressive tactics by overcoming the adjustment instead of the elimination requirement. This may be more evident in his personality than in his artistic legacy.”

Čedomir Janičić

Rakić used several different iconological methods and approaches for his art (to Absolute Association): narrative, symbolic and reductionist, and simulation method.

Dragan Rakić PRESS

“Dragan Rakic ​​and Absolutely have produced several works that can be considered pioneering research in our area. In general, Absolutely has been developed so called. Art Research aspect (artistic research) – research of certain phenomena and presentation of results on several levels and media (video-documentation, photographs, texts, publications …) at a time when Art Research is not yet classified as a genre in art. The Greatest Hits of 1997 is also one of the first works in the so-called ” Art & amp; Science, especially in the field of medical and biological sciences…

Artist’s Biografy:

Dragan Rakić was born in 1957 in Senta. He graduated from the School of Dentistry and received an Associate Degree from the Department of Restauration and Conservation in 1987 in Belgrade. He graduated in 1989 and obtained Master’s Degree in 1997 at the Department for Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.

Since 1983, he has actively exhibited both in the country and abroad. In 1993, along with his colleagues, he established art Association Apsolutno, functioning in the field of media pluralism. Association Apsolutno realized its art interventions in Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Hiroshima, Wroclaw, Moscow, etc. In 2006, he also founded and participated in the work of Creative Workshop VacuumPack from Sombor.

He has lectured for a number of years at the Novi Sad Academy of Arts (1992-1998, assistant-intern, 1998-2003, adjunct professor, 2003-2008, assistant professor). He has worked as an assistant professor at the Novi Sad Academy of Arts teaching Digital Image, the course he developed and initiated in 2008.

He passed away in 2009 in Novi Sad, and laid to rest in Sombor where he lived and worked.