21st International Video Festival Videomedeja



September 2017.

Gallery S: The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina

Duration: 22. – 24. September 2017.

The 21st International Video Festival Videomedeja will be held this year from September 22nd to September 24th at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad (Dunavska 37) in the production and organization of Video Art Association Videomedeja.The guests and participants of the festival are world-renowned visual artists, visual groups, theorists, critics, media activists, producers, promoters and distributors. Since its foundation, Videomedeja has passed through various changes and challenges, but what is emerging every year as an imperative is the opportunity for Novi Sad’s video art lovers to see the best and most recent works of both domestic and foreign artists who left a trace in this art field and meet the selection criteria of Videomedeja.

More about the history of the Videomedeja Festival can be found on the website: Videomedeja, and about Association Videomedia: na ovom linku.

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The festival will include works from 23 countries in the competition program, while the revivalprogramincludes Made in Serbia (a special selection of works by domestic authors)and the Presentationsof the jury members – Theus Zwakhals from the Netherlands, Dalibor Barić from Croatia and Vladimir Tupanjac from Serbia.

All video art lovers and festival visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the authors and their works on our website, via the online catalog: link and in this way find outwhatthey can seeat this year’s 21st International Video Festival Videomedeja.

In the Projections Selection, 55 works will be shown, which compete for the Sphinx award, while 9 media installations are present in Media Installation / Performances.

Three years ago Videomedia launched a new Lunartis project, through which will be presentedthe most talented students of the 11 most prestigious film academies and faculties around the world. This year’s competition program will include three selections – Screenings, Media installations / Liveand Lunartis. Lunartis films compete for two awards, the Lunartis Prizefor the best Film awarded by the Jury and the Lunartis Audience Award for the best Film awarded by counting audience votes.In the Screenings competition will be presented 55 works, which will compete for the Sphinxaward, while 9 media installations will be featured in the Media Installation / Live, among which will be awarded the Bogdanka Poznanović Award. On Sunday, September 24th, the three-member International Jury will announce the winners of the festival, after which the audience will have the opportunity to seethe awarded works.

Videomedija PRESS

This year over 1000 applications were received, of which less then 9% were included in the festival program. The competition was attended by authors from 40 different countries from all over the continent, and what isinteresting is that this year there are significantly more works from Asia and Canada. The program, like the previous years, was edited by Ivana Sremčević Matijević, Željko Mandić and Aleksandar Davić.

This year’s selection of works is a unique opportunity for education and insight into the possibilities of applying advanced technologies in the current world artistic practice.Anyone who is interested in Videomedeja notifications can sign up for a newsletter: link or track notifications via facebook: link.